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Image by Moritz Kindler

10-33 Film

A paramedic must battle with her demons
when a traumatic work event takes over her life.

A short dramatic film depicting PTSD

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Input From The Crew

What drew them towards working on 10-33?

I myself struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, so the opportunity to portray something that is often overlooked drew me to the project. This project was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the issue, especially during a time where many are struggling with mental health.

Alyssa Fratangeli (Producer)

The mental health of paramedics has become a disregarded problem in the healthcare profession and deserves more recognition. Creating awareness while working with a script that deals with emotional tension is a challenge, but felt like a strong opportunity to showcase creative growth in a thesis film.

Teryn Lawson


As a huge fan of first responder TV shows such as 9-1-1 and Law & Order, I was very intrigued by this script and exploring a paramedic dealing with PTSD. First responders are often praised as superheroes without realizing what they have to go through daily and I'm glad this crew saw the importantance to tell this story with these characters.

Melanie Matsubuchi
(On-Set Script Supervisor)

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